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The Society for Information Technology & Teacher Education is an international association of individual teacher educators, and affiliated organizations of teacher educators in all disciplines, who are interested in the creation and dissemination of knowledge about the use of information technology in teacher education and faculty/staff development.

The Society seeks to promote research, scholarship, collaboration, exchange, and support among its membership, and to actively foster the development of new national organizations where a need emerges. SITE is the only organization that has as its sole focus the integration of instructional technologies into teacher education programs.

As the official blog of SITE, this website exists to promote dialog and interaction among SITE members as well as non-members about a variety of issues relating to our mission.

Built into this definition of the purpose and goals of SITE is the expectation that members, and the organisation itself, will model leading edge technologies in the day to day management of the society’s business, and in the work its members achieve throughout the year. This blog is an indicator of that commitment.

Part of the building blocks of success for an organisation like SITE is the ease with which members are able to communicate between conferences, in order to promote year round activities rather than focusing effort in the short period just prior to and directly after the conference.

This blog is designed to support and encourage year round interaction between members.

Blogs have no borders! Consequently, SITE members from around the globe can have their interactions facilitated by participation in this initiative!

I am looking forward to the increase in activity among members throughout the year that participation in this blog will allow, and particularly, between those members who share common interests and have joined together in SITE Special Interest Groups (SIGs).

So, welcome to the newest form of interaction and collaboration for SITE.

The future of teacher education and the defensible use of appropriate technologies in the learning process can only be made more positive and more authentic for learners of the 21st century by our continued and consistent use of technologies as we practice what we preach!